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    History of the Arabian 

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There is something special about the Arabian horse that people relate to something that has brought people of every country in the world, every walk of life, together.  There is a profound friendship between man and these horses.

Many Arabian lovers are attracted to the intense excitement of the show ring or the race track.  Other find themselves at peace on the trials and there are those that find passion in creating their own living work of art.  Some dream of owning an Arabian and don't realize how easy and affordable it can be.  It is  A misconception is that they are flighty or difficult to handle, as with all breeds there are individuals that are, often times a result of improper handling, but they  are an exception not the rule.  They are an intelligent animal and do not respond well to rough handling.

The worlds oldest Breed of horse...

One of four original species of horse, the Arabian is the genetic predecessor of every breed of light horse.  While many breeds disappeared or were crossed to other breeds, the Arabian remained essentially the same.

Bedouin nomads bred Arabians to be superior as a means of transportation, they had to carry heavy loads over miles of hot desert with little food or water.  They also bred them to be superior war horses, during tribal raids their mounts had to sneak up on the enemy and be courageous in battle.  The enemies horses were the prize of victory.   So valued by the Bedouins, their horses often slept in the family tent, which could explain the strong bond with man.

The Arabian Horse came to North America
with the 1893 Chicago World's Fair where 29 were exhibited. In the 1940's they gained wide popularity and today are bred in almost every country in the world.  They have gained notoriety for their versatility through horse shows, which may include more than 30 divisions of competition.  

The Arabian horse market has been through it's ups and downs, like most prized possessions...

Certainly at one time the Market became over inflated, Canada's horses however, have always remained substantially more affordable.  This does not reflect the quality of our horses, a majority of our best horses have been sold to the U.S. and gone on to become National winners or produce National winners.  They're being Canadian bred has often been over looked, and not only by Americans, many of us Canadians have done our shopping in the U.S.  The point is their are good horses everywhere and Canada can be a great place to shop.

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